Anyone Who has ever tried to scrub ancient mini blinds has most likely questioned if there was a stronger choice ?

The Golden Line Construction Integral  I Blinds Touch System 

A perfect sun protection solution, our Integral Blinds touch system are the most advanced blind system on the US market today.exclusive Venetian style blind sits inside a double Low – e glazed argon gas filled unit. Putting in such a unit greatly improves the properties of thermal and acoustic insulation, whereas absolutely protective the shade from injury and/or dirt.

The blinds provide for a big reduction within the heat penetrating the structure through the glass and blocks out a significant part of the radiation striking the window.

The blinds are a factory-made during a wide selection of dimensions and colors, sanctioning brilliant subject area integration at intervals the workplace or house style, as associate outward facing window or as an indoor partition.

 The blinds are controlled by solar touch system (or with two powerful discreetly hidden magnets), that with ease control    the operation of the blinds, allowing you to raise, lower and tilt the blinds. There's a additionally associate choice of putting in a sensible house monitor, adjusting the blinds each as single units and as teams or fronts 

 All blinds production underneath Pellini S.p.A. License




  • The blinds do not collect dirt, grease and dirt like traditional blinds.
  • Because the mud and different allergens do not collect on the blinds, this selection is best for folks with allergies. You get obviate the standard blinds that collect allergens, keeping your home healthier.
  • The internal window blinds do not use cords like ancient blinds. This eliminates the choking hazard for young youngsters.
  • You will not need to wrestle with putting in ancient blinds.
  • The slats of the blinds will not get bent or broken. This is often another massive draw for folks of young youngsters.
  • The blinds keep wanting like new as a result of outside factors area unit eliminated.
  • Most firms say the blinds within the windows produce additional insulation, creating the windows additional energy economical.
  • Regular, high-quality blinds put in by knowledgeable area unit high-ticket. If you would like new replacement windows anyway, you would possibly economize with the inbuilt blind choice over a separate replacement window and ancient blinds.

 The New Golden Line Construction Iblind touch system  by ScreenLine® could be a practical and sensuous restyling of the  "F" battery-operated motored system.

  • For 20 and 22 mm cavity, in venetian and pleated versions
  • 22-mm cavity: heat edge spacer bar are provided as customary with orders issued from 2d could 
  • Small sized battery module, developed in co-operation with style specialists
  • Touch management keys
  • Possibility of use with each external and internal motor and automatic detection of motored system
  • Possibility of computer code updates
  • Radio receiver out there as choice, conjointly as retrofit answer
  • Radio device out there as choice
  • Batteries recharged by suggests that of a micro-USB instrumentation
  • Batteries may be simply replaced


Components and accessories:

SL2380 Battery Module – out there in colors gray S155 (standard), white S102 and anthracite coal gray S159
SL2380R Battery Module with a inbuilt receiver
SL1084 solar battery




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