Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster is something that can transform overall look of your home and business into an appealing space. It brings a different texture, color and shine, which is impossible to achieve with any other kind of paint, finish and plaster. In contradiction of faux work of art and faux plasters, this plaster is not only gorgeous, but also eco-friendly.  

We Golden Line Construction are one of the well-established Venetian Plaster Contractors, serving a good number of commercial and residential customers. Venetian Plaster is a decorative plaster which we utilize to enhance the beauty of a living space. We are perfectly backed by a team of professional artists, technicians and other professional who know how to achieve the look you want with Venetian plaster. From granular to glossy to smooth, we can give wonderful look to your place with multiple textures and finishes.   

All the plasters we use are made, processed and colored with natural products. Our professionals are knowledgeable enough in multiple kinds of plaster surfaces including translucent, glassy, and polished, etc. to give highly attractive and decent look. The experts are extremely creative and imaginative so they can give a unique, ancient or contemporary look.  

Just like other kinds of plasters, Venetian plaster gets different effects with a combination of different materials and tools. When it comes to quality and performance, we make you sure about superior quality and long lasting durability. As we make use of branded and superior quality products only, so our Venetian Plaster is featured with various qualities including water resistance, solvent-free, mold prevention and fragrance-free.  

Though, Venetian plaster walls are not so common in residential buildings. But, now-a-days, the trend of Venetian plaster is increasing day by day in both commercial and residential sector. This plaster requires well-practiced craftsman and professionals. Whether you want to design a particular room or some walls of your house, contact us today.

We are eager to get an opportunity to enhance worth, beauty and attraction of your living space with amazing Venetian plaster work. Call us @ to know more about Venetian plaster services.

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