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Goldenline construction Inc. is one of the leading solar power integrator in the greater Los Angeles, Ventura and orange counties area.

Our company is fully licensed insured and bonded

We provide and install top quality solar panels and an eco-friendly solutions to residential and commercial buildings, houses and various structures.

Our team takes care of all aspects of the project from early stages of matching you with the best solar plan. Taking into consideration your needs, structure size, location and other variables in order to maximize savings and benefits of the solar system. All the way to permits and to the actual installation process, and to finally setting up the system and flip on the switch.

We teamed up with one of the best solar panels manufacture in the industry, providing the highest quality of the solar panels as well as most innovative and current technology solar systems.

Our partner design and manufactures the solar system and guarantees power output for the first 25 years (industry standard is 20 years) with 97% of power for the first year and guarantee as well that the power would not decreased in more than 0.7% of the rated power per year. Which mean at least 95.6% of the name plate as opposed the industry standard of 90% and after 20 years it won’t decreased then 83% we are still higher than the industry average of 80%.

With over then 35 years of experience in the industry and to top it all it’s 100% manufactured here in U.S.A, there for the quality of the components and parts are at the highest quality..

We Work exclusively with Solar World and we are an authorized installer. As a Solar World authorized installer, we are among a select group of manufacturer-approved, high-quality, Solar World solar installers. Our installation team has undergone Solar World training to ensure a professional, safe and risk-free solar installation. Our Solar World installations are guaranteed to withstand the test of time as well as the harshest weather conditions. The panels and installation method is designed to be as beautiful as it is functional. Solar World performs installation audits, requires excellent customer service and business practices before giving an installation company their mark of approval. We are proud to have passed such rigorous standards

So why go with solar panels technology?

Create your own energy with solar technology

Lower your energy and utility costs significantly

Help the environment by reducing and relaying on traditional power providers

Get credited for producing more power then you consume

Energy rebates and federal taxes to assist with system purchase.

Increase your property value.

Control and monitor your monthly bill and system health.

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The Solar Power Technology unleashed the technology of Solar power is exploding.  There seems to be a new discovery that prolongs battery life, increases panel efficiency, or addresses panel aesthetics almost every day. Alternative energy, but especially solar energy, is the future of our country’s energy independence.

  • Gateway Monitoring: It is our iPad-like device that has a full-colour screen to monitor the solar array without the need to log into the cloud from any device.

  • Cloud Monitoring: This is a service that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It allows customers and installers to monitor the various PV arrays they have access to.

  • Cost: Almost half the cost of traditional inverters.

  • 100% American Designed and Manufactured:  The manufacturing plant is located in Simi Valley, California and all our products are made in the USA. They are also designed exclusively in Southern California.

We welcome you to join a new era of alternative source of energy that will benefit you and the environment.



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